WellLife: A guide for living on warfarin


WellLife, a program by Alere, is dedicated to informing people on warfarin how to live healthier, safer lives. We provide you with a comprehensive network of resources, including lifestyle and safety tips, educational resources and tools, tips for a healthier INR, and monitoring your INR at home.

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Volume 1

In this Issue

Travel Safe: Strategies for Taking Warfarin on the Road

Improve Your Medication Identification

Q&A: Will a multivitamin influence my INR test results?

Safety Tips for Winter Months

Safety at Home: Preventing Falls

Café PTINR® Recipe: Savory Mushroom Stuffed Turkey Breast


Volume 2

In this issue

Medications only work when taken as directed

Safety at Home: Cutting Edges and Over-the-Counter

Q&A: Can I drink alcohol while taking warfarin?

Warfarin, the Benefits are Worth the Wait

Café PTINR® Recipe: Chicken Parmesan

Volume 3

In this Issue

Understanding and Managing Stress

Three C’s to Coumadin® Safety: Communication

Safety at Home: Nosebleeds

First Aid: Stopping Nosebleeds

Q&A: Airborne® and Coumadin®

Café PTINR® Recipe: Chocolate Cheesecake

Volume 4

In this Issue

Staying Safe on Coumadin®: Fall Prevention

Three C’s to Coumadin® Safety: Consistency

Safety at Home: Garlic Caution

First Aid Tip: Stop the Bleeding

Q&A: Multi-vitamin & Coumadin®

Café PTINR® Recipe: Shrimp Primavera with Angel Hair Pasta

Volume 5

In this Issue

Drug Interaction Awareness

The Three C’s to Warfarin Safety: Compliance

Safety at Home: Vanilla Flavoring

Q&A: Pain Relief Cream & Warfarin

Safety Tip: Medical Alert Jewelry

Café PTINR® Recipe: White Chili

Volume 6

In this Issue

Seasonal Allergies

Heartburn Relief & Your Warfarin

Safety at Home: Your Home Checklist

Q&A: Alcohol and Warfarin

Health Tip: Avoiding the Flu

Café PTINR® Recipe: Salmon with Warm Artichoke Cannellini Salad

Volume 7

In this Issue

Taking Better Control of Your Health

Safety Tips for Winter

Travel Series: Diet Considerations

First Aid: Bumps and Bruises

Health Tip: Interactions with Antibiotics

Café PTINR® Recipe: Lentil Soup

Volume 8

In this Issue

Preventing Stroke – Treatable Risk Factors

Signs & Symptoms of Stroke

Health Tip: Medication

Q&A: How does fat affect Vitamin K?

Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

Café PTINR® Breakfast: Smoothie & Frittata

Volume 9

In this Issue

Outdoor summer activity

Travel Series: Altitude & Your INR

Safety Tip: Water Safety

First Aid: Bee Stings

Health Tip: Keeping Hydrated in the Heat

Café PTINR® Recipe: Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Savory Peach Marmalade

Volume 10

In this Issue

Diet consistency throughout holiday season

Avoid those Winter Blues!

Safety Tip: Kitchen Safety

Health Tip: Flu Season

Travel Series: Helpful Hints for Air Travel

Café PTINR® Recipe: Turkey Burgers

Volume 11

In this Issue

Your Healthy, Balanced Diet

Avoid Quick Weight Loss or Fad Diets

Q&A Article: Celiac disease and gluten-free products

Health Tip: The Detox Diet Myth

Travel Series: Diet considerations in airports

Café PTINR® Recipe: Key Lime Pie

Volume 12

In this Issue

New Health Condition: What does that mean for INR & warfarin?

Diabetes and Warfarin: Balance with Diet

Q&A Article: Can I drink alcohol while on warfarin?

Health Tip: Taking Multivitamins

Safety: Want to exercise, but worried about your diabetes and INR level?

Café PTINR® Recipe: Moroccan Chicken with Couscous

Volume 13

In this Issue

Stroke Awareness: Assessing Your Risk

Cocoa May Reduce Blood Pressure

Q&A Article: Can Hot Weather Influence My INR?

Health Tip: Signs of Stroke

Safety: Outdoor Summer Safety

Testing Your INR 

Volume 14

In this Issue

The Flu

Your Metabolism

Safety: Weather, Emergencies, & Natural Disasters

Health Tip: Moving to Generic Warfarin

Q&A: Warfarin & Tattoos

Travel Tips for the Warfarin Patient


Volume 15

In this Issue

Identifying Dangerous Blood Clots

Safety: Wound Care

Health Tip: Topical Arthritis Pain Medications

Q&A: Can drinking coffee interact with warfarin?

Going to the Dentist While Taking Warfarin


Volume 16

In this Issue

Antidepressant Medications & Warfarin

Safety: Learn How to Fall

Health Tip: Stroke & Dental Plaque

Q&A: Do whole grains interact with warfarin?

Bone Health – Importance of Vitamin K


Volume 17

In this Issue

Mechanical Heart Valves

Safety: Tips for Gardeners

Health Tip: Oxygen Use

Q&A: What is Atrial Fibrillation?

Factor V Leiden: A Genetic Disorder


Volume 18

In this Issue

Women and Warfarin

Safety: Dangers of Falling

Health Tip: Avoiding the Winter Blues

Q&A: Common Sources of Stress

Stroke in Women