Wet leaves can present a hazard

Wet leaves are dangerous for those who enjoy walking, because slips and falls can occur. As a patient on warfarin, be aware that driveways, walkways, slates and even wet grass possibly present an unexpected, seasonal hazard.

Minimize the risk of slipping by carefully checking your shoes and removing leaves. This will help prevent tracking of wet leaves into the home. Check the wet paws of pets because they can bring leaves into the home that will create slippery floors. Be aware that children playing outside may bring wet leaves inside as they adhere to their shoes, boots and sneakers.

Several effective tactics can reduce the risk of sliding on wet leaves and slipping on wet floors. Removing shoes when entering the home is the most effective way to keep moisture off hardwood or linoleum floors. Placing a bath or beach towel near the front and back doors will encourage visitors to dry their shoes thoroughly before coming in the house.

Driving presents increased hazards in Fall because leaves, both wet and dry, adhere to the road and can cause a car to inadvertently slide.