Stop Bleeding Fast with New Topical First Aid Products

Publication Date: 
Tue, 07/01/2014
By: Alere Staff


As a patient on anticoagulation therapy, you are always at an increased risk for bleeding. It is best to be prepared and have one or more items on hand for first aid in your home, if the need arises.

Beyond the basic first aid products available, there are other products on the market that help stop bleeding:

Woundseal® powder, manufactured by BIOLIFE, states that “Powder + Pressure = Instant Scab”! Their mixture of potassium ferrate and polymers is poured onto the wound as a powder. The powder mixes with the drying blood, and you apply pressure to help form an artificial scab and seal off the wound. They also make Woundseal® that has an applicator to be used for nosebleeds.


Nasalcease® first aid, manufactured by Catalina Healthcare, is a product that can help stop a nosebleed quickly. Just open the sterile package, take the Nasalcease® pack out, twist the end, and insert into the area that is bleeding. The natural based bio-polymer, calcium alginate, in the pack acts as a wick, which helps absorb the blood. The pack in the nose begins to gel and it can be removed in 30 minutes, at which time, you may place another pack in the area if the bleeding hasn’t stopped.


Celox™ First Aid is a product available in many areas, as well as by website. It was tested/used in Afghanistan by medics, and is also used in hospitals and by emergency services. Celox™ First Aid can be used for lacerations, nosebleeds or minor wounds. This product was developed in the UK by MedTrade Products, Ltd. Celox™ granules come in contact with blood, and the granules swell to form a clot when they come in contact with blood.


Bleedarrest™ kits contain a squeezable container of blood clotting powder and flexible foam strips that are used to help stop nosebleeds as well as bleeding from cuts or scrapes. It can be purchased over the counter. Biopolymer technology helps with stopping the blood flow (hemostasis), and you may also note that potato starch is listed as an ingredient in the product!


Report the wound to your doctor, especially if the wound is deep, doesn’t stop bleeding from continuous pressure, or you experience a fall, car accident, bruises, or blows to the head or body. Become an educated consumer and take the time to research all of the products listed through the listed websites. Many of them can be found in your local pharmacy. 


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