Start Testing Your INR at Home this National Safety Month!

By: Alere Staff
Publication Date: Sun, 06/01/2014

Cruising Down the Highway of Life

June is National Safety Month. If this is news to you, you’re not alone. Many people have not even heard of National Safety Month and even fewer change their behavior. It is important to consider safety every month, especially if you take warfarin (or brand of warfarin such as Coumadin®).

Let us challenge you this month. If you or someone you know is taking warfarin (or brand of warfarin such as Coumadin®), suggest to them they consider patient self-testing to check their blood at home. By reaching out to them, you’d be not only participating in the National Safety Month but more importantly you will be giving your warfarin-user contact a safer means of taking their medication by allowing them to increase their testing frequency. It has been proven that increasing testing frequency improves patients’ control of warfarin.1

Warfarin remains one of the top drugs listed as the most dangerous medications by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).2 For friends or family who take warfarin, testing weekly can provide them with an easy and reimbursed (Medicare and most private insurance) way to reduce their risk of a dangerous side effect such as bleeding and excessive bruising.

For more information about testing INR at home, go to the Getting Started page or call Alere at 1.800.504.4032 for more information about testing your INR at home.

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