Earns HONcode Certification

By: Alere Staff
Publication Date: Tue, 07/01/2014 Earns the Distinction of Certification from the Health on the Net Foundation (HONcode Standard) for Trustworthy Health Information

Health and medical information online is now easier to find, but the problem is no longer about finding health information. You now need to find out how credible the website and its publishers are and how accurate the health information is on a website. To look at the quality of the medical information on the internet, the Health on the Net Foundation (HON) launched the HONcode certification.

The HON Foundation is a non-governmental organization known for its ground-breaking work in the field of health information ethics.® website abides by and pledges to honor the eight (8) principles of the HON Code of Conduct as drawn up by the HON foundation.

Whether they have recently started taking warfarin or have been undergoing therapy for years, it is important for all warfarin patients to stay well-informed. Alere is committed to supporting patient education efforts in order to improve the quality of care and safety for warfarin patients.

Medicare, the Food and Drug Administration and Joint Commission support the need to educate patients and their families about safely managing their warfarin therapy. Studies have shown that patients who were more knowledgeable, skilled and confident about managing their warfarin health were shown to have better antioagulation control and reduction in the frequency of bleeding events.1,2,3

To meet today's patient education standard,® website offers:

  • Information about Warfarin
  • Drug Interaction Information
  • Helpful INR Information and Safety Tips
  • Current Health Articles
  • Vitamin K Finder - the largest comprehensive list of vitamin K amounts in more than 5,000 foods and beverages
  • Healthy Recipes with Café PTINR®
  • Information About Home INR Monitoring
  • Additional WellLife Educational Handouts is your trusted resource for anticoagulation information. helps patients become more engaged in their own health by providing meaningful and high-quality information about living on warfarin.

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