Diet consistency throughout holiday season

By: Alere Staff
Publication Date: Tue, 01/01/2013

Fall offers many favorite holiday foods. If you take warfarin, you likely have two things on your mind: how many calories and how much vitamin K is in what you want to eat. Holiday treats can include candy, fruitcake, seasonal vegetables like sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. So, how do you keep your INR test results stable while enjoying everything on the menu?


Eating normal portion sizes will keep your calories in check and prevent your INR from drifting from your target range. A bigger challenge for you may be eating the same food too many days in a row. A common problem for shoppers is the buy one get one free offer. While this lowers the price, it often results in buying more than you can eat. You may be tempted to eat too much of the food to avoid it spoiling and going to waste; this may result in eating too much vitamin K.

Buy and make smaller portions and you’ll have less waste and your food will stay fresh. Visit our Vitamin K Finder so you can easily keep track of your vitamin K and download our Vitamin K Food Diary® Log to keep track of your vitamin K intake for the week. Make sure consistent and normal portion sizes are on your holiday menu this year.