Alere’s “STABLE” study redefines warfarin safety and practice management

By: Alere Staff
Publication Date: Sat, Mon, 02/11/2013

Alere Home Monitoring, Inc. announced its findings of the world’s largest study of warfarin patient self-testing at the March 2012 American College of Cardiology national meeting in Chicago. The Self-Testing Analysis Based on Long-Term Experience (STABLE) study was led and presented by international anticoagulation expert and principal investigator Jack Ansell, MD.

Dr. Ansell commented, “The STABLE study dispels many myths surrounding safe warfarin treatment, particularly those related to the drug’s use in the elderly population and that population’s ability to successfully self-test.” The study has significant meaning to anyone taking long-term warfarin.

STABLE evaluated over 68,000 patients (3.1 million INR test results) within the Alere Home Monitoring, Inc. database to determine if control of the historically difficult to manage drug warfarin could meet or surpass well designed clinical trial outcomes.

The results of the Alere study exceeded any long-term study previously published which evaluated the control of warfarin, including the 2,922 VA randomized controlled trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2010 or the 8,413 patients in the 22 study meta-analysis published in the 2011 Archives of Internal Medicine.

Alere’s “STABLE” study redefines warfarin safety and practice management

29,030 Alere patients met the STABLE study criteria for the 2.5 year study. Patients in the Alere comprehensive service model were 7.9% better controlled than in the latest and controlled trials. The results were unprecedented as 7.9% was not only statistically significant but the results attained were in a real-world patient care setting. The best warfarin control (75%) occurred in the weekly testing group at >5% better than patients with varying testing frequencies. Weekly testing demonstrated a 47% reduction in risk (outlier test results that more than triple patients’ risk of a major bleeding event or stroke) over the variable testing frequency group.

Improving warfarin safety begins with talking to your doctor about your interest in self-testing. If you’d like to ask questions before you talk to your doctor we are here for you. Please call Alere Home Monitoring, Inc. at 1-877-262-4669 or contact us here, we’d be happy to answer all your questions.


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