Outdoor Summer Safety

By: Alere Staff

Summer brings outdoor activities that sometimes require extra planning to be safe. In the heat of summer, be careful and aware of outdoor safety.

Enjoy the pool and beach more safely this summer with these safety tips:

  • Wear water shoes while swimming or at the beach. Shells and rocks can be sharp.
  • Apply sunscreen often when swimming to protect from sunburn.
  • Be careful of rip tides and rip current warnings. Swim near lifeguards.
  • All boaters and swimmers should use lifejackets.
  • Use pliers for baiting and unhooking fish.
  • Limit alcohol when swimming and boating as it may change your ability to see danger and put you at risk of drowning. 

Being outdoors can be very relaxing and a great way to get exercise. 

  • Keep hydrated by drinking water. Have plenty of cold, non-alcoholic beverages to help with that dry, thirsty feeling during activity.
  • Use caution when hiking or walking in the outdoors to prevent falling. Wear closed-toe sturdy shoes.
  • Use bug spray to prevent tick and bug bites.
  • Exercise in the morning during the coolest part of the day or take regular breaks and rest in a cool place.
  • Wear light-colored, lightweight clothing to stay cool and wear a hat to protect from the sun’s rays.
  • Use a shoulder bag, fanny pack or backpack to keep hands free when hiking.

Follow these outdoor safety reminders and have a fun and safe summer!