High Blood Pressure Control and Your Age

By: Alere Staff

High blood pressure is commonly referred to as one of the “silent killers”. For decades we have known that uncontrolled high blood pressure leads to cardiovascular disease and stroke. A new study not only reinforces what we have known for some time, but offers insight of when it is best to control your blood pressure for long term good health.

If you control your blood pressure by age 55, there are significant benefits as you age. “Study subjects who maintained or decreased their blood pressure to normal levels (<120/80 mm Hg) by the time they were 55 had the lowest remaining lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease of 22% to 41%, while people who developed hypertension by age 55 had a 42% to 69% lifetime risk.”1

High blood pressure can compromise your quality of your life and lead to life-threatening diseases including stroke, heart failure and heart attack.2 The study was published in the American Heart Association Journal Circulation and helps us further understand the need for adults to balance sensible food choices, exercise and reduce stress to aim for a blood pressure goal of 120mm Hg systolic and less than 80mm Hg diastolic commonly referred to as ‘120/80’.2

If you are taking warfarin, it is important you maintain good blood pressure control.3 Reducing your salt intake, regular exercise and taking your high blood pressure medication as directed will not only maintain your blood pressure – it will help reduce your bleeding risk while taking warfarin.

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