Strokes on the Rise But Risk Can Be Prevented

Strokes on the Rise But Risk Can Be Prevented

The risk factors associated with strokes are often times preventable. Recent findings suggest that the stroke is increasingly affecting people around the world, especially in younger age groups and in low-to-middle-income countries.1

The key to eliminating this alarming trend is to take better care of your health and take your warfarin faithfully along with regular monitoring of your INR levels to make certain they are within normal range for you. Warfarin, sometimes referred to as one of the brand names of Coumadin®, is a prescription medication that interferes with normal blood clotting (coagulation). It is also referred to as an anticoagulant or in layman’s terms “a blood thinner”. In reality, warfarin helps to prevent excessive clotting in the body; since a clot can cause a stroke, disrupting the clotting mechanism is important. The body takes longer for the blood to clot, which minimizes the risk of a stroke.

Many strokes can be prevented by maintaining a normal blood pressure reading, increasing exercise and trying to keep within your normal weight range, eating healthy food choices, avoiding alcohol, and by not smoking. In the end, a healthy lifestyle along with a moderate amount of healthy living can go a long way to reduce your risk of having a stroke. For more information about your risk of stroke and managing your risk factors, read more in our article What’s Your Risk of Stroke?


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