Alprolix® and Warfarin

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Thu, 10/01/2015
By: Alere Staff

The Alprolix® drug is an approved medication by the FDA for patients who have been diagnosed with Hemophilia B. Hemophilia B, also known as factor IX deficiency or Christmas disease, is a genetic condition caused by missing or defective factor IX clotting proteins in a patient’s blood.1 While it is more commonly passed down from parents to children, about a third of the people who have Hemophilia B have experienced a spontaneous mutation, or a change in the gene. People who have Hemophilia B bleed longer than other people either externally, by cuts or trauma, or internally, within their muscles, joints or organs.1

The Alprolix® medication is prescribed to patients to help control and prevent bleeding episodes and for management of care before, after and during patient surgeries. The medication is considered a recombinant fusion protein and works by temporarily replacing the missing coagulation factors within a patient’s blood.A patient who has been prescribed the drug injects it into a vein over several minutes. As with any medication, make sure you learn all the proper preparation techniques from your physician and pharmacist.

An Alprolix® Prescription and Warfarin

At this time, there are no known interactions between the Alprolix® medication and Warfarin.2,3 The Alprolix® drug cannot be used to treat other protein factor deficiencies or problems. It cannot be used to reverse the effects of blood thinners like warfarin.3 Also, it may increase your risk of forming abnormal blood clots within your body. This is particularly true for people who have other factors contributing blood clot risk. Your body may create antibodies called “inhibitors” against the Alprolix® drug reducing its ability to work correctly. If you have been prescribed the medication, your physician may need to occasionally test your blood.2

Before beginning any new prescription or medication, you should always advise your physician that you are on warfarin.

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