Sorbet or Sherbet and Warfarin

Publication Date: 
Thu, 10/01/2015
By: Alere Staff

  Are you a sorbet or sherbet person?  Do you know the difference? Sherbet usually has between one and two percent milk fat with slightly higher sweetener content than ice cream. Sorbets are dairy-free, containing no milk or cream.1,2 Sorbets are technically ices and are sometimes referred to as “granitas” containing only fruit, water and sugar. These granitas were considered the first iced dessert, likely having been invented in Asia, before being introduced to the Middle East and Italy.1 

Sorbets are generally granular in texture, depending on their ingredients or recipe, where sherbet is creamy as a result of the added fat.1

Sherbets and sorbets are usually low in Vitamin K, but it depends on what ingredients they contain. There is a growing trend to add healthy vegetables like kale to smoothies that is even being applied to sorbets or sherbets. With additions like these, the frosty treats go from having very low vitamin K to high. So when eating sorbet or sherbet, it is important to know the ingredients in what you are eating. Make sure you are eating a consistent intake of Vitamin K daily. So check the label before you enjoy your cold treat!

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