Finding the TricK in Treats

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By: Alere Staff

Fall is upon us and with that comes colder weather, shorter days and the start of the holiday season, kicking off with every child’s favorite: Halloween. While not everyone partakes in Halloween’s festivities, it is difficult to escape the number of sweet treats that have appeared in grocery stores, offices and even in the homes of family and friends. It is important to remember that while some snack-size Halloween treats do contain low levels of Vitamin K, there is not enough to raise much concern.

To ease your scare of these tricky treats, here are some common Halloween sweets and their various amounts of vitamin K1,2


Serving Size

Amount of Vitamin K in micrograms (mcg)

Twix® chocolate fudge cookie bars

2 cookies

9.49 mcg.

Twix® caramel cookie bars

2 bars

3.19 mcg.

Milky Way® milk chocolate bar

1 bar (2.5 oz)

2.2 mcg.

Milky Way® Midnight

(dark chocolate)

1 bar (1.76 oz)

1.75 mcg.

Snickers® milk chocolate bar

1 bar (2 oz.)

1.1 mcg.

Farley® candies, candy corn3

1 pouch (26 g.)

0 mcg. (less than Low)

Tootsie® Roll

6 pieces

3.84 mcg.

M&M’s® Milk Chocolate

10 pieces

0.3 mcg.

M&M’s® Peanut

10 pieces

0.6 mcg.

Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups

2 pieces (cups)

0.9 mcg.

Reese’s® Pieces

¼ cup

2.77 mg.

Butterfinger® Bar

1 Fun Size® bar

0.2 mcg.

KitKat® milk chocolate wafer bar

1 bar (1.5 oz.)

2.2 mcg.

Starburst® Fruit Chews

1 pieces

0.1 mcg.

It’s easy to see that, at the right serving size, many of these treats are considered as having “low” vitamin K amounts. Many forms of chocolate, including milk and dark chocolates, contain little to no Vitamin K. While other candies, such as licorice root, an ingredient in licorice, can influence the way your body clears warfarin when a large quantity of licorice is consumed2.

Another Halloween snack not covered in chocolate is pumpkin. When cooking, remember that canned pumpkin is high in Vitamin K (39.2 mcg per 1 cup) and that pumpkin seeds, when roasted with salt, contain a low amount of Vitamin K (1.3 mcg per 142 seeds)2.

To find out more about the vitamin K amounts in Halloween sweets and treats, check out our Vitamin K Finder.



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