The V8® Beverage and Warfarin

By: Alere Staff


Having vegetables in your diet is important, but not everyone enjoys a fresh salad packed with vegetables like carrots and tomatoes. Luckily, there are a variety of different vegetable juices on the market that can sometimes even give you a full day’s serving of veggies in just eight ounces. A brand of vegetable juice that is popular is the V8® vegetable juices and juice blends.


Vitamin K and Veggie Juice 

The V8® vegetable juice has been around since 1933, when W.G. Peacock invented his V8® Vegetable Juice blend. After the Campbell Soup Company acquired the name and secret recipe in 1948, they started adding variety to the line of vegetable juice blends.1 Today, when you walk the grocery store aisles, wondering how to fit vegetables into your diet, you will find that there are many mixes available. If you are a warfarin patient, you may wonder just how much vitamin K you will find in these mixes and whether or not they will affect your INR level. 

Below are a few different blends with their ingredients and vitamin K content:


Vegetables/Fruits Included 

Serving Size 

Vitamin  K Per Serving 

Vitamin  K Level 

V8® Original 100% Vegetable Juice Tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach. 8.0 oz. 11 micrograms Low
V8® Veggie Blends – Healthy Greens Spinach, yellow carrots, beets, apples. 8.0 oz. 11 micrograms Low
V8® Veggie Blends – Purple Power Purple carrots, beets, apples. 8.0 oz. 11 micrograms Low
V8® Veggie Blends – Golden Goodness Sweet potatoes, yellow carrots, orange carrots, orange. 8.0 oz. 11 micrograms Low
V8® Veggie Blends – Carrot Mango Carrot, mango. 8.0 oz. 11 micrograms Low

Making sure you get all you need in a day to keep your body healthy can be difficult for some. Juice blends like the V8® vegetable juices can be exactly what you need to help get more into your diet. As a patient on warfarin, it’s also important to be aware of the different ingredients in juice blends. Remember that both consistency in diet and communication with your managing physician is key to keeping you stable and on-track with your warfarin management. 


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