Dietary (Food & Beverage)


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Mon, 09/17/2012



Understanding how diet can affect your INR is an important aspect of living a healthy life while on warfarin. Although there is no specific "warfarin diet", it is important to pay attention to what you eat while taking warfarin as some foods and beverage can alter the effectiveness of warfarin.

The most important thing to remember is to remain consistent with your diet. Consistency in diet means to be aware of the type of foods you choose every day, pay attention to your portion sizes and be aware of the frequency you consume foods high in vitamin K.® website has made it easy for you to find the levels of Vitamin K in your food. We have assembled more than 5,000 choices of foods and beverages for your reference in our Vitamin K Finder. We've also provided a Vitamin K Food Diary® Log for you to keep track of your daily vitamin K intake.

Consistency in diet also allows you variety and choices in life, enabling you to keep your INR test results in range more often.

If you enjoy eating a salad rich in vitamin K, it is important that you eat the same amount of vitamin K per day. Your warfarin dosing can then be adjusted around your healthy diet choices. More frequent INR testing is recommended to help identify any food/drug interactions with warfarin.1

As always, talk to your doctor about any changes to your diet, medication or supplements.

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