When fall arrives, we can be overwhelmed with information about colds and flu. Due to the various illnesses that can bombard us in the winter months, we are given a lot of advice on how to stay healthy and protected. While general good health practices such as frequent, thorough hand washing and getting plenty of rest may be followed, sometimes we just can’t avoid getting sick. Cold and flu viruses can be uncomfortable at best so it’s natural to want to seek some relief from over-the-counter medications.

The Nyquil™ Cold & Flu drug is one such medication, intended to help provide relief of various symptoms of the common cold and to help one sleep. While it can make you feel better, it’s essential to be careful about taking other over-the-counter medications when taking warfarin. The Nyquil™ Cold & Flu drug is a combination of several medications, some of which are known to affect the way warfarin works in your body. 

When you are taking warfarin, always be sure to speak with your doctor before starting or stopping any medications, including the Nyquil™ Cold & Flu drug. You may be required to have more INR checks and to stay especially alert to any signs or symptoms of bleeding, which should always be immediately reported. Your doctors have your best interest at heart, so your safety while seeking relief from discomfort is best guided by them. 


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