Both science and nature tell us that men and women tend to act and react differently in similar situations. Women are instinctual and often make choices based on their heart, while men trust logic and calculated analyses more often.

Women can find things faster than men – there is science behind this too! It’s because women have sharper peripheral vison than men. It goes back to the days when men were hunter gatherers and had to focus on looking for prey, while the women kept their eyes peeled for potential threats to their home and family.

According to Psychology Today, male brains use nearly seven times more grey matter for activity while female brains use almost 10 times more white matter. Since grey matter is focused on one specific activity at a time, and white matter is the networking grid that connects the grey matter, this means that women are generally better multi-taskers, while men find it easier to get deeply focused on one thing at a time.

When it comes to healthcare and general wellness, the difference between men and women is stark: women are 100% more likely to schedule and visit their doctor for routine checkups, while men are often not active in seeking preventive care, causing them to have an average lifespan almost 5 years shorter than women.

Routine doctor visits are important to maintaining good health, but they are just one step in keeping yourself (or your favorite guy) healthy. Just as warfarin patients need to monitor their INR levels regularly, staying in the know about your overall health will help keep you feeling in tip-top shape as you enjoy summer excursions and activities.

Here are 6 easy ways that men can start their summers off on the right foot:

1. Find a doctor and go for a visit.
Your natural male ability to focus on one task will make it easy for you to find a doctor and make an appointment. It doesn’t take that long and could literally save your life. Just because you are feeling well today, doesn’t mean that you have long-term wellness ahead. Going for routine exams to a doctor you know and trust could make all of the difference in your overall well-being.

After the age of 50, men should have the following routine checks:

    a. Prostate cancer screening
    B. Diabetes screening
    C. Cholesterol & heart health screenings
    D. Dental check ups
    E. Eye exams
    F. Testicular exam
    G. Annual immunizations
    H. Others as directed by your physician

And naturally, if you are a warfarin user, you need to check your INR levels as prescribed by your doctor.

2. Be informed, listen to your body. 
Understand what your body feels like when it is at its healthiest state. And understand when your body is trying to tell you something isn’t quite right. Go see a doctor when something feels off.

3. Get moving with some physical activity.
Male brain chemistry is wired for activity, which makes it important for a man to stay active throughout his life. Age-appropriate physical exercise has been shown to reduce stress, help to lower cholesterol, and could even reduce anxiety and help you to sleep better. It’s as easy as walking the dog or playing some golf with a friend. Don’t forget to gently stretch first to loosen up those muscles. Check with your physician first on how to get started with a healthy exercise program.

4. Make sleep a priority.
Your body needs a good night’s sleep. The average adult needs a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, so don’t skimp on counting sheep each night—they could come back to bite you with health issues later. Always remember, sleep deprivation cannot be ‘caught up on’ at a later date. Your body needs good sleep every day.

5. Watch your diet. A diet rich in lean protein and filled with veggies is a key factor in staying healthy at any age, but if you have specific health issues or take medication such as warfarin, following your recommended diet is critical. For example, for warfarin patients, controlling the amount of vitamin K is important since vitamin K can lessen warfarin’s effectiveness.

6. Enjoy each day.
Have fun and enjoy life. Understand how you feel each day and what you think about. Give yourself a mental health check in addition to your physical wellness. Do something every day that you enjoy – reading a few pages of a good book, taking a walk in the park, or just enjoying your morning coffee watching the sunrise.

So guys, don’t delay! Use your natural brain power to focus on making the changes necessary to keep your systems running smoothly.  With your health, now is always the right time. And taking preventive steps will help you to manage your health better.



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