A sprinkle of cinnamon is a nice addition to many treats and drinks. While it is most commonly found in holiday goodies, a little bit of cinnamon is good any time of the year. Cinnamon is a product made from the inner portion of the cinnamon tree's bark. The tree's thin inner bark is surrounded by oil where, through processing, commercial quality cinnamon is made. The coumarin enzyme is said to have been found in some cinnamon products. This enzyme would normally be responsible for increasing the bleeding time in patients taking warfarin. Traditional use of small amounts of cinnamon, though, has not resulted in any changes of warnings or precautions for patients taking warfarin. However, new forms of cinnamon should be used with caution by warfarin patients.

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Traveling on Warfarin

If you take warfarin it is important to remember some important safety tips while traveling.

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Treating Heartburn While On Warfarin

Many over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to relieve heartburn symptoms, but may interact with your warfarin medication.