Does thinking about vitamin K content in foods make you feel like going bananas? Here is a thought that may ease your mind: bananas are a fruit that are low in vitamin K and full of potassium which your body needs. In addition to high potassium, they offer a good source of fiber, which can help in normal digestion. If you are a patient on warfarin, wondering whether it’s on your list of foods you can eat without worry shouldn’t make you crazy.

The only time to be a little cautious when eating bananas is when you prepare green bananas. Green bananas are simply un-ripened yellow bananas and are almost always prepared first by cooking. 

Whether you are boiling them or frying them, green bananas contain much higher vitamin K than yellow bananas because the skins are often eaten. 

So, go bananas! But be sure to eat green bananas in normal portions and make sure you keep testing your regular blood test to make sure your INR doesn’t drop below your target range.


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