Patients taking warfarin should refrain from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol as it may influence INR results. Although many studies have supported health benefits from certain alcoholic beverages, such as wine, each person’s health is different. Alcohol raises INR levels for some individuals and lowers it for others.1

It is recommended you always practice controlled alcohol consumption and consult your doctor to determine what level, if any, would be appropriate for you. Several factors contribute to alcohol's effects, including the type of alcohol, your rate of metabolism and other medications you may be taking. Changes in health, hydration, food consumption and metabolism will affect how your body reacts even by consistent intake of alcohol. These are factors that can also affect your INR results. So regular, periodic testing is a key to managing your INR. 

Your doctor is in the best position to help you achieve and maintain good health. Every customer’s situation needs to be evaluated individually to determine the optimum testing frequency that will help keep their INR results in range. 


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