Testing your INR levels at home can be life changing! You regain time in your day, rediscover the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and take control over your own health. But Acelis Connected Health delivers more than just home testing capabilities. We are a full-service, concierge program designed to support you through every step of your home monitoring journey.

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Benefits Include:    

    >  We validate your insurance for you. Whether you have Medicare or private
        insurance, our specially trained validation team will find out exactly what
        services are covered and how much your copay will be each month,
        leaving nothing to chance.

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   >  Training that comes to you. We offer personalized Face-2-Face® training
        in your home or doctor’s office.

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     We provide the meter. The easy-to-use testing meter delivers accurate
        readings every time, ensuring you and your physician have access to the
        most up-to-date test results.

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 >     Testing supplies are shipped directly to you. No need to head to the pharmacy,
        everything you need to perform your testing will be sent directly to you, saving you
        time, energy, money, and the hassle of buying it yourself.   


 >     Report your results 3 different ways. Download the app to your mobile device,
        use the link on our website, or call us directly: whichever you choose, be assured
        that your results are safe and secure. 

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 >     Dependable follow up. If you forget to report a result in a timely manner,
        our concierge service will remind you, delivering peace of mind for you and
        your loved ones.  

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 >     Freedom to travel. When the ability to test your INR levels goes with you, you
        gain the freedom to travel far and wide.  

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 >     We work directly with your doctor. Your medical team will receive your
        results exactly as they request, allowing for quick changes to medication
        doses based on testing results. 

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Customer Service. Have a question about your test, your meter, your insurance, or your bill? Call our customer service department. We will be happy to help.

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