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How will I be trained?

Alere believes that proper training is the key to Home INR Monitoring success. Because of this, we are the only national service provider that offers personalized Face-2-Face® training for all patients on all INR systems. Our goal is to always ensure your success and confidence in testing your INR at home.

Participate in a Face-2-Face® training session

Once we have verified your insurance coverage and you are enrolled in the AlereTM Home INR Monitoring program, one of Alere qualified trainers will schedule a training session. You can receive Face-2-Face® training in your home or at your doctor's office.

During training, you will learn:

  • How to obtain a blood sample with a simple fingerstick
  • Operate the INR monitor
  • How to call-in to report your results

In addition, you will also receive helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking warfarin, with the AlereTM WellLife educational program.

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How is my doctor involved?