How does Home INR Monitoring work?

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  1. Find out if you are a good candidate: Talk to Alere or your doctor to find out if you are a good candidate. Or you can check with our simple checklist to find out yourself.
  2. Your doctor writes a prescription: Once you’ve been identified as a good candidate for Home INR Monitoring, your doctor sends Alere a prescription.
  3. Check with your insurance: Alere then checks with your insurance provider for you.
  4. Receive training on the monitor: After you are trained on how to use the monitor, you can start testing your INR at home.
  5. Stay connected with your doctor: Alere helps you stay connected to your doctor by reporting your rest results.

Home INR Monitoring Process

Once you are enrolled in the program, the home testing routine is simple:



Test yourself at home and simply call in your results as your doctor prescribes.



Your doctor is notified of your INR test results.



If dosing adjustment is needed, your doctor or nurse will contact you.

Enrollment Timeline

The following timelines are estimates of the number of days required for application processing and enrollment after receipt of the Prescription form completed by your doctor.

Alere Home INR Monitoring Enrollment Timeline

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Am I a good candidate?