Home INR Monitoring

Now is the time to improve your PT/INR control by self-testing with our Home INR Monitors. Call 1.800.504.4032 to get started today!

With a portable INR monitor and help from Alere™ Home Monitoring, you can now determine your INR easily and reliably at home. As you may know, warfarin helps prevent blood from clotting and needs to be monitored frequently. It is important to keep your INR or International Normalized Ratio in a safe range.

Home INR Monitoring can be done as frequently as once a week and will help keep you within your target INR range more often than monthly testing. Your doctor will help determine how often you should be testing.

Already testing your INR at home and need to submit your INR result? You can either call 1.855.209.8400 or submit your results online.