Alere Initiates Voluntary Withdrawal for the Alere INRatio® PT/INR Monitor System

Publication Date: 
Mon, 07/11/2016
By: Alere Staff

Alere has initiated a voluntary withdrawal for the Alere INRatio® PT/INR Monitor System. This is important information concerning the Alere INRatio® PT/INR Monitor system (INRatio® Monitor or INRatio®2 Monitor and INRatio® Test Strips). In certain cases an INRatio® PT/INR Monitor system may provide an INR result that is clinically significantly lower than a result obtained using a reference INR system (laboratory method). This issue can arise if the certain medical conditions are present. It can also occur if the instructions in the labeling for performing the test are not followed.

For more information about the Alere INRatio®PT/INR Monitor system voluntary withdrawal, please review the press release issued on July 11, 2016.

Learn more about the Alere INRatio® PT/INR Monitor System Voluntary Withdrawal.

Current patients participating in Alere Home INR Monitoring service will receive a separate letter from Alere Home Monitoring in regards to questions about how this notice relates to Home INR Monitoring service.