WellLife Patient Education Handouts

Whether your patient has recently started taking warfarin or has been undergoing therapy for years, it’s important they are well-informed. We are committed to supporting your patient education efforts toward improving the quality of care and safety for your warfarin patients.

WellLife gives your patients the tools to understand their medication and how to live life better. Through multiple channels, WellLife reaches your patients in their daily life:

Alere recognizes education as a process, not an event. The educational information we provide is a balance of sensitivity to patients’ needs with the ongoing requirements for clinicians to educate patients over time.

Feel free to print and distribute the below one page patient educational modules for your warfarin patients.

Vitamin K - Dietary

Safety & First Aid  Interactions Warfarin & You
Cooking Oils  Reducing Cuts & Lacerations  Colors of Coumadin® or Warfarin Using Warfarin at Home
Dietary Supplements  First Aid  Over-the-Counter Products Your INR Levels
Vitamin K and Your Diet  Dishwashing Dangers  Creams & Ointments INR Fluctuations
   Nose Bleed - First Aid Medicine Cabinets  Your INR is High
   Preventing Bruises Safe Medications for Warfarin Patients  Your INR is Low
  Sharp Foods    Safe & Worry-Free Travel
   Proper Lighting   The Flu & Warfarin
  Fall Prevention around the house   Women & Warfarin 
  Fall Prevention with wet floors   Children & Warfarin
   Fall Prevention with orthostatic hypotension   Exercise, Warfarin & You
  Fall Prevention with O2   What to Expect when...
You're taking Warfarin
  Emergency Situations - Life Saving ID   Sleep Apnea