Getting Started with Home INR Monitoring

The time to expand your Home INR Monitoring program is now

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We provide the resources required for you to develop a successful Home INR Monitoring program, including:

  • Convenient enrollment programs
  • Specific guidance for patient selection
  • Insurance verification
  • Billing support
  • Customer service support

Our Service Program

Alere will work with you to customize an approach for implementing the Home INR Monitoring program to meet the needs of your practice and to ensure patients become successful long-term home testers.

Get started with these three easy steps:

STEP 1   STEP 2   STEP 3
Suitable candidates selected Download and submit prescription form Select one of our training options
Select suitable candidates for Home INR Monitoring with help from Alere.   Submit Physician Form (prescription) for Home INR Monitoring to Alere.   Select one of our Face-2-Face® training options.

Once patients demonstrate testing proficiency, they will begin testing at home as frequently as you prescribe. Patients call in their INR result to Alere and the test results will be automatically transmitted to you directly via fax or through your data management system.

Talk to your Alere™ Home Monitoring representative today or call 1.877.262.4669 for additional information.