Continuing Education

A healthcare professional’s continuing professional development is critical to keeping up with advances in medicine and changes in the delivery of care.

To help you maintain your professional credits and maintain your knowledge, skill sets and professional performance;® website provides you with a list of continuing medical education (CME/CE) articles. All articles are related to cardiovascular medical news.

Alere is not a certified CME/CE provider but is pleased to offer information on online CME/CE opportunities.


July 2016 (expires July 2018)

  • CME/CE: TMVR Shows Promise for Severe MAC
  • CME/CE: Sapien 3 Results ‘Remarkable’ for High-Risk Patients
  • CME/CE: New TAVR Risk Scores Predict Early, Mid-Term Mortality
  • CME/CE: Heavy Smoking Linked to Brain Bleed Risk
  • CME/CE: Race and Stroke Risk in AF Patients Over 65
  • CME/CE: Stroke-Certified Centers Have Better Early Survival Rates
  • CME/CE: Point-of-Care Test Could Flag TAVR Leaks

July 2015 (expires July 2017)

August 2016 (expires August 2018)

  • CME/CE: Aspiration Thrombectomy No Help for Large-Clot Strokes
  • CME/CE: CKD, New-Onset Afib Predictors of Early Post-TAVR Stroke
  • CME/CE: TAVR Embolic Protection Device Cuts Brain Injury Risk
  • CME/CE: Double, Triple Antithrombotics No Better in Afib After TAVR
  • CME/CE: Afib: Poor Short-Term Outcomes More Common After Stenting

August 2015 (expires August 2017)

September 2015 (expires September 2017)

October 2015 (expires October 2017)

November 2015 (expires November 2017)

December 2015 (expires December 2017)

January 2016 (expires January 2018)

January 2015 (expires January 2017)

February 2016 (expires February 2018)

February 2015 (expires February 2017)

March 2016 (expires March 2018)

March 2015 (expires March 2017)

April 2016 (expires April 2018)

  • CME/CE: PARTNER 2: TAVR ‘Non-Inferior’ in Lower Risk Cohort
  • CME/CE: Aggressive Prevention Treatment May Improve PAD Outcomes
  • CME/CE: GI Bleeding Linked to Dysfunctional Prosthetic Valves
  • CME/CE: Hike in Heart Risk for Women in Long-Term Shift Work 

April 2015 (expires April 2017)

May 2016 (expires May 2018)

  • CME/CE: Stroke Admissions Climb in Under-65’s
  • CME/CE: Warfarin Cuts Afib Stroke Risk Down to Normal
  • CME/CE: Stroke Care Transition Program Cut Readmission
  • CME/CE: Survey: Ask for Palliative Consult for VAD/TAVR
  • CME/CE: CV Risks High in PsA 

May 2015 (expires May 2017)

June 2016 (expires June 2018)

June 2015 (expires June 2017)