Alere Webinars

Publication Date:

Tue, 01/28/2014

At Alere, we support our customers and the anticoagulation community at large by promoting the dissemination of scientific and clinical findings and fostering discussions that advance our field.

Improved outcomes and decreased risk can be facilitated by our clinically proven, connected offerings of the fingerstick INR monitor, home INR monitoring service, and disease management software, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding the most recent findings, the protocols that result in best practices and the science of our field benefits us all.

We hope that the webinar videos that we provide will help the entire anticoagulation community. Please pass along the information to colleagues and co-workers.

If you have any suggestions for topics, please let us know in our Contact Us section.


TOPIC - Improvement by Design: Patient Education as an Internal Component of a Comprehensive Warfarin Managment System

Presented by - Darren Triller, PharmD

Senior Director of Healthcare Quality Improvement at IPRO

CMS-designed Quality Improvement Organization for New York State


Presentation Details

  • Review literature characterizing the methods of impact of anticoagulation education programs.
  • Describe state and national efforts to assess ad improve patient education and comprehension.
  • Identify key opportunities for incorporating patient education into comprehensive warfarin management systems.

TOPIC – Vitamin K-Rich Foods for the Warfarin Patient: To eat, or not to eat?

Presented by – Sarah L. Booth, PhD

Senior Scientist and Director of the Vitamin K Laboratory at HNRCA


Presentation Details

  • Discussing the role of the USDA as it relates to generating knowledge about vitamin K nutrition.
  • Providing an overview of vitamin K forms in the diet, including food sources, the role of food processing and preparation on vitamin K content.
  • Identifying gaps in our current knowledge regarding vitamin K content in foods, supplements, and botanicals.
  • Providing an overview of vitamin K metabolism and function (metabolism as it relates to warfarin half-life and source of variation in metabolism).
  • Discussing how studies are conducted that have reported interactions between dietary vitamin K and warfarin, and the impact on stability of oral anticoagulation.
  • Providing an evaluation on the strength of the data to support or refute current recommendations to either reduce or maintain daily vitamin K intakes.

TOPIC – Real World Patient Self-Testing Experience, the STABLE Study

Presented by – Jack Ansell, MD

Chairman of Medicine

Lenox Hill Hospital

Presentation Details

The presenter for this webinar is Dr. Ansell, who is recognized as an international expert on anticoagulation and a member of: the American College of Chest Physicians, American Society of Hematology, the International Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, and the Anticoagulation Forum.  Dr. Ansell is the principal investigator for the largest patient self testing study (STABLE) ever conducted.  STABLE (Self-Testing Analysis Based Long-Term Experience) is a retrospective study of real-world Patient Self-Testing outcomes including more than 68,000 patients and 3.1M INR results.