Urgent Medical Device Recall

CoaguChek® XS PT Test for Professional and Patient Self-Testing Use — Stop Using Affected Test Strips — Unaffected Test Strips Now Available

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Whether your patient has recently started taking warfarin or has been undergoing therapy for years, it’s important they are well-informed. PTINR.com® website is dedicated to informing people on warfarin how to live healthier, safer lives.

Clinically sound solutions for you & your patients

Home INR Monitoring is clinically proven to increase time in therapeutic range, improve efficiency for your practice and offer freedom to your patients. The time to expand your Home INR Monitoring program is now. With more years of experience than any other national provider, Alere provides everything needed to support your practice’s high quality approach to anticoagulation management.

Alere offers the only certified Face-2-Face® training program, industry leading data management solutions and superior insurance coverage. Now you can offer Home INR Monitoring to all of your suitable patients without compromising the financial success of your practice.

WellLife: A guide for living on warfarin

WellLife, a program by AlereTM Home Monitoring, is dedicated to informing people on warfarin how to live healthier, safer lives. This comprehensive network of resources provides information from lifestyle and safety tips, to inspirational stories from people taking warfarin. WellLife gives your patients the tools to understand their medication and how to live life better.

Through multiple channels, WellLife reaches your patients in their daily life:
• Quarterly Newsletter
• Quarterly Tip Card sent with testing supplies
• Vitamin K Look-Up
• Healthy Recipes
• Information about warfarin