Here’s how it works:

Find out if you are a good candidate.

Talk to your doctor, click here or call us at 800.504.4032 to find out if you are a good candidate for Acelis Connected Health 

Get a prescription from your doctor.

Once you’ve been identified as a good candidate for home INR monitoring, your doctor will send Acelis Connected Health a prescription.

Going to the doctor soon? Download the prescription and take it with you.

Download the Prescription   

Learn more about how we work with your doctor   

Acelis Connected Health will check your insurance eligibility for you.

No need to dig through insurance forms to determine eligibility and copays, our benefit verification team will do it for you. We’ll ask you to provide the name of your insurance company and ID number, then we’ll do the rest.

Learn more about how we work with your insurance company   

Acelis Connected Health will provide you with an INR meter and train you how to use it.

A qualified trainer will come to your door  or your doctor’s office at your convenience to walk you through the INR testing process and ensure you can complete a self-test on your own.

Learn more about our Face-2-Face training program   

Test your INR as directed by your doctor and post your results.

You can report your testing three different ways:

1.   Through the web portal

2.  Via the CoagClinic Self-Test Portal App.

Download for Apple Products

Download for Android Products

3.  By phone at 1.855.209.8400


Forgot to submit your results? Acelis Connected Health will remind you.

Worried that you or your loved one will forget to submit the results of a test taken at home? Acelis Connected Health’s Testing Services team will act as your guardian angels, keeping an eye on your test results to make sure you and your doctor have the information necessary to make accurate decisions about your health.

Learn more about our Patient Support Program   

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