Bruising Risk

Publication Date: 
Tue, 11/08/2011
By: Alere Staff

Bruising is a real concern for patients taking warfarin. Bruises can occur during a variety of activities, not all of which are high risk. A bruise is a serious situation because there is no way to evaluate the severity of the bruise. Pain is one indicator but not a reliable one for the overall risk for internal bleeding.

One of the most common causes of serious bruising is simply walking too close to end tables and desks. Deep bruises can occur in the deep tissues of the thigh as most tables rise 28-32” from the floor. This height places dangerous corners in your path.

End tables or study desks pose a serious hazard. Once you have experienced a deep bruise or hematoma, a second injury to the exact same region is a real possibility. The proximity of furniture, the time you spend in the home and the consistent traffic patterns around dangerous protruding corners remain a constant risk.

To reduce your risk of dangerous bruises, you are encouraged to change the way you navigate through your home. As you approach an end table or desk with a square corner, you should reach out and place your hand on the corner. By doing this, you protect your leg from the corner but and receive some additional stability. A word of caution: only heavy, stable tables should be leaned upon. Placing your hand over the corner of a table also protects you from falling and hitting your head on the table corner.

Poor lighting and difficulty judging distances make end tables and desks a risk. Taking the proper precautions can prevent you from taking a potential trip to the emergency room and the related stress and expense.