What Home INR Monitors are available?

Publication Date: 
Tue, 07/12/2016

Home INR monitors are simple to use and provide accurate results. You don't need any medical experience or technology skills to perform the simple INR test.

The below monitors are all approved for professional and home use allowing you and your healthcare provider immediate INR test values resulting in improved care. Real-time results allow immediate counselling and education without delay. All monitors are portable and include a carrying case.

Alere INRatio®2 PT/INR monitor

Alere INRatio®2 PT/INR monitor*

  • On board quality control
  • Small sample size
  • Yields results in about 60 seconds
  • Individually wrapped test strips
  • Uses AC or battery power (AA batteries)
  • Icon based interface

Alere INRatio® and INRatio®2 PT/INR Monitoring System Voluntary Withdrawal

Alere is initiating a voluntary withdrawal for the Alere INRatio® and INRatio®2 PT/INR Monitor System. If you or your patients use the Alere INRatio® or INRatio® 2 Monitor and INRatio® Test Strips, you may be affected.

Learn more about the INRatio®PT/INR Monitoring System Voluntary Withdrawal


Roche CoaguChek® XS INR system

Roche CoaguChek® XS INR system

  • Small blood sample
  • Built-in quality control checks every strip
  • Yields results in about 60 seconds
  • Uses battery power (AAA batteries)
  • Large symbol-based display

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